RSP V2 Changelog

Version Changes
2.14.4-00100 Patch Version 2.14.4-00100

[RLCON-60] - Resolved Problem during Access to Device Dashboards

Including Patch Version 2.14.3-00100

[RLCON-22] - Resolved an issue where users connected via the Remote-Client-Software would be disconnected if the same user attempted to log in from a different location.
[RLCON-26] - Fixed a bug preventing the Recidive Jail in Fail2Ban from initializing after a backup restoration.
[RLCON-32] - Addressed an error in Fail2Ban where sending emails would result in a failure message.

[RLCON-19] - Implemented automatic cipher detection for device connections, tailored to the firmware in use.
[RLCON-20] - Rolled out software updates to enhance performance and security.
[RLCON-50] - Added Verizon APN to the supported list for improved network compatibility
2.14.2 -- Only applies to .virtual system with an active "VPN-Port" application --

• [RLCON-41] - Fixed kernel support for "VPN-Port interface"

Includes V2.14.1

• [RLCON-4] – Backend favicon fixed
• [RLCON-5] – Simple-view device pictures responsive design fixed
• [RLCON-7] – Confirmation link for new accounts fixed

• [RLCON-2] – Device list adjusted for RLConnect24 systems
• [RLCON-9] – Frontend and Backend OEM patterns adjusted
• [RLCON-10] – Cipher encryption adjusted for non-OEM devices
• [RLCON-12] – Web2go service software updated

Includes V2.14.0

• [RSP2-888] – MPI/Profibus port settings weren´t part of the configuration
• [RSP2-950] – Broken link in account registration mail
• [RSP2-994] – Manually changing the VPN password didn´t work
• [RSP2-995] – Display error in reporting table fixed
• [RSP2-1013] – Internal system fix
• [RSP2-1017] – LDAP Login fix
• [RSP2-802] – A new LDAP user still got a password mail

• [RSP2-380] – Plausibility check for tag logging entry added
• [RSP2-800] – It is possible now to select “ALL” devices in the scheduler menu
• [RSP2-901] – Security fix
• [RSP2-999] – Translations optimized
• [RSP2-1000], [RSP2-1006] – Fail2Ban option updated and optimized
• [RSP2-1004] – VPN-Client configuration optimized
• [RSP2-1005] – Link hover color is now adjustable in "customizing advanced" license
• [RSP2-1008] – Internal data base optimizations
• [RSP2-1009] – Internal services updated
• [RSP2-1011] – Data24 is now part of the automated backup
• [RSP2-1018] – Rebranding and template adjustments (“RedLion Europe / Controls GmbH”)

• [RSP2-966] – New OEM device added