Configurationsoftware for Firewall mbNETFIX Changelog

Version Changes
1.2.7 Bugfixes:
* [NEFIMA-48] - Optimize Message Text and translated it into german
* [NEFIMA-51] - More Detailed error Messages and translated it into german
1.2.6 Bugfixes:
* [NEFIMA-2] - Firmwareupdate was not possible through WAN/LAN, only USB.
* [NEFIMA-46] - Some text length corrected at the packetfilter dialog
* [NEFIMA-48] - Button "Set Device-Password" was shown regardless of the firmwareversion
* [NEFIMA-49] - Issues when setting up the WAN-Interface in Onlinemode
* [NEFIMA-50] - Issue when select diagnostic menu and firmware update
* [NEFIMA-51] - corrected messages when login failure
* [NEFIMA-52] - added "or self declared Password" to message saying "Password on Device-Label"
* [NEFIMA-53] - when Factoryreset User logged in it automatically jumped to wizard menu, which is not allowed
* [NEFIMA-54] - direct command of factory reset failed

* [NEFIMA-47] - more specific message on password to short. It shows now the request password length
1.2.5 Bugfixes:
* [NEFIMA-29] - After the firmware update, the message dialog sometimes hides behind the application form. The program was not focused anymore and therefore unable to navigate
* [NEFIMA-30] - No spaces were allowed in the "Description" field
* [NEFIMA-32] - The MAC/IP/Ports field at the packet filter rules were not able to be delted to ANY
* [NEFIMA-35] - After online setup, the configuration was not saved in the device
* [NEFIMA-37] - During online setup, changes to the IP address were not queried
* [NEFIMA-39] - when starting in language DE without an project in the list, the project creation dialog is still displayed in EN
* [NEFIMA-41] - If registered as a factory reset, then an automatic firmware update was offered
* [NEFIMA-44] - Packet filter rules were not created correctly automatically when a SimpleNAT rule was created

* [NEFIMA-22] - Use of digital input to enable / disable packet-filter rule dynamically
* [NEFIMA-23] - Integrate Users Operator and Viewer for selectable userlevels
* [NEFIMA-31] - The function "Factory Reset" is now available as a direct function if you are logged in as admin
* [NEFIMA-33] - In bridge mode the WAN/LAN Interface can now be disabled, so now IP-Address needed.
* [NEFIMA-34] - In learning mode during online setup, the possible operating mode is recognized and must be confirmed.
* [NEFIMA-36] - After the online start-up you can stay online
* [NEFIMA-38] - Display the status of the digital inputs in the diagnostic window
* [NEFIMA-40] - The network data in the Packet Filter menu could be deleted now
* [NEFIMA-42] - SNAT WAN to LAN is automatically activated in the wizard if SimpleNAt or DNAT has been selected
* [NEFIMA-43] - Column width of the tables with SimpleNAT, DNAT, packet filter adjustable with the mouse pointer.
* [NEFIMA-45] - All network graphics now show the real IP addresses of the configured interfaces
1.1.5 Features:
- #3783: Import device configuration
- #3983: Add Options for Packetfilter regarding mbNETFIX firmware.
- #3959: Offline/online compare
1.1.3 - fix: correct typos in german and english
- fix: check validation of Subnetmask at LAN and WAN
- fix: corrupted dropdown "Protocol" box at WAN>LAN packet filter
- fix: project could be reopened by another userlevel while online (Factoryreset was able while logged in with admin)
- fix: wrong wizard pages while online setup
- fix: access violation messages
- fix: character "Q" was not able to use in some input fields
1.1.2 - fix: Error Message: Invalid Type Conversion.
- fix: Access violation when delete table rows if another cell is edited. The editmode will be canceled as soon as the Delete button is pressed.
- fix: For all tables, the entry line (bottom line) did not know anymore, if you had deleted the IP's or entered the correct one. It always stayed red.
- fix: messages sometimes went into the background and the program seemed to be frozen.
- fix: After uploading the project to the device, the internal online parameters were not set to the offline parameters.
- fix: When connecting to the device, setting "configuration access level" was not adjusted and thus could be a difference between offline and online.
1.1.1 - fix: Exceptions after Firmwareupgrade fixed
- fix: During Online-Configuration, the Firewallrules were set twice or more
- fix: Checkbox "Show MAC's" in Filterrules will be checked whenever there is a MAC-Address entered
- fix: some Text and Language corrections
- fix: Firmwareupgrade first tries to use TCP Port 443, if that fails it tries TCP Port 22
- add: Firmwarefile could now be manually copied to update directory
1.1.0 - fix: without Admin rights able to delete a project
- fix: DNS and Gateway were not able to be deleted. Also need Firmware at least 1.0.7
- fix: User Operator and Viewer disabled, this functionality would be available in the next version
- fix: Add Wizard dialog for Interfaces also when using Bridge mode
- fix: Delete Wizard dialog NAT when using Bridge mode
- fix: online.cfg file is now encrypted
- fix: if the default time/date set was changed in online mode, it was not transfered to the device. Now fixed
- fix: if the IP of the syslogserver is now changed in online mode, a apply button will appear
- fix: old firmware version on your computer in [user-app].../updates/ will be deleted after downloading the newest version
- fix: the default time/date sets was not stored in the project.
- fix: some changes to the german translation

- improve: if you add a SimpleNAT rule, a packetfilter rule will be automatically added
- improve: Firmwareupdate process. More stable.
- improve: Event-Loggings are now stored in your computer (the last 1000 Lines)
- improve: if a new firmwareversion is available it will automatically downloaded from the internet to your computer and a message appears if your device firmware is older than your firmware stored on your computer.
- improve: Export function for the configuration file of the device (with pub-key and hashed passwords)
- improve: the setup add's a firewall rule to your Windows OS to enable mbNETFIX Manager internet access
1.0.0 First Release
- fix: Language change
- add: Menu in Extras to Install USB-Driver