HW V2 Changelog

Version Changes
8-1-2 Bug
[RA70-265] - Fix SFTP permission problem on HW6 devices
8-1-1 Bug
[RA70-247] - Statusapi doesn't work anymore
[RA70-248] - GPS daemon is always started on GSM devices
[RA70-249] - Data24 configuration is only applied after a device restart
[RA70-252] - User defined firewall rules are not applied and firewall table is empty
[RA70-254] - OEM-specific configurations are not adopted
8-1-0 Bug
[RA70-159] - Modem controller script is not robust against unexpected responses
[RA70-169] - Diagnosis tool TCPDUMP can't be executed
[RA70-170] - OpenVPN connection can't be established if static key is used
[RA70-171] - Replacing the senders ip address of the client with the LAN ip address with OpenVPN connection doesn't work
[RA70-174] - Multiple OpenVPN ciphers aren't supported any more
[RA70-175] - Frontend-Modal to enter backup key for mbEDGE is not displayed
[RA70-230] - MPI service can't be started any more after factory reset
[RA70-233] - If VPN port is determined automatically, port 1194 is always closed

[RA70-160] - Enable GPS localization of RA70 devices with Telit GSM modules
[RA70-172] - Provide GPS information in DATA24
[RA70-166] - Port legacy gpio interface to descriptor based interface for MPI driver