HW V2 Changelog

Version Changes
7-2-1 Bug
[NERO-298] - [Bug: MB-1022] Set hostname permanent even after a reboot
[NERO-299] - [Bug: MB-1023] Failure during Modem start if there is an empty SIM Tray inserted in the primary SIM Socket
7-2-0 Bug
[NERO-271] - [Bug: MB-881] It is no longer necessary to restart the device after adding a host entry.
[NERO-289] - [Bug: MB-995] On demand VPN connection to portal is disconnected if local device time is changed while connecting
[NERO-290] - [Bug: MB-978] If time synchronisation fails, the local time of the router is adjusted
[NERO-293] - An unconfigured device cannot open the CC-Online Help
[NERO-297] - Device does not start after firmware update

[NERO-255] - Do not restart modem when switching SIM socket
[NERO-273] - Hardening firmware update and configuration import
[NERO-278] - [Verbesserung: MB-763] Some serial settings were not displayed correctly when reopened
[NERO-280] - [Verbesserung: MB-948] A mbNET should only use IPv4 for OpenVPN communication
[NERO-281] - [Verbesserung: MB-984] Some useful information has been added to the web interface
[NERO-294] - [Verbesserung: MB-1006] Adaptation of channels for OEM devices

[NERO-115] - [Feature] FIMA-198 - Migration API for V1 portal was improved
[NERO-268] - [Feature: MB-888] Display MNC/MCC number of SIM card
[NERO-284] - [Feature: MB-513] Store device diagnose information locally on USB stick
[NERO-286] - [Feature: MB-556] Log analyzer added on the status page of the device
[NERO-287] - [Feature: MB-886] Preparation for a backup server address in the OpenVPN configuration
[NERO-288] - [Feature: MB-983] Integrate Wake-on-LAN into mbNET
[NERO-292] - [Feature: MB-1003] Display the uptime of the device on the web interface
[NERO-295] - Add OpenVPN HMAC as option