HW V2 Changelog

Version Changes
7-1-0 Bugs
[NERO-125] - [BUGS-262] - mbNET does not terminate VPN connection after preset time
[NERO-226] - Timeout for VPN connections has to be ignored in any case on mbNET.rokey devices
[NERO-227] - Applying device configuration via mbDIALUP over network ends in an error
[NERO-221] - [Verbesserung: MB-759] - No output for TCPDUMP on Status/Diagnose page on web interface
[NERO-217] - Mosquitto service must be restarted if device API settings have been changed
[NERO-218] - Stop SIMPLY.connect service if USB drive with firmware or configuration is plugged in
[NERO-236] - Broken error message when creating new user with non-matching passwords
[NERO-243] - Changing a user name on device does not work
[NERO-250] - Config partition can be overfilled with backups, which can lead to problems on device
[NERO-251] - Fix upload of own HTTPS certificate for webserver
[NERO-257] - CTM cannot be switched between active and inactive reliably on web interface

[NERO-134] - Mount USB flash drive into NodeRed Container
[NERO-210] - [Feature: MB-519] - Separated user management on device for access on Flows and Dashboards
[NERO-127] - Recreate docker images for NodeRed and Portainer on device WebUI
[NERO-8] - Implement automatic forwarding after changing the LAN IP address of device

[NERO-256] - Revise WebUI appearance for improved usability: Consolidated colors, style and design
[NERO-223] - [Verbesserung: MB-826] - Adapt server list for first start process on device
[NERO-228] - [Verbesserung: MB-822] - The specification of multiple ports in forwarding rules does not work correctly
[NERO-232] - Improve behavior of diagnose actions on web interface and fix timeout problem
[NERO-253] - [Verbesserung: MB-851] - The admin user on a mbNET device must not be able to be deleted
[NERO-229] - Ignore port settings for ICMP firewall rules on web interface
[NERO-233] - Session handling refactoring for improved security
[NERO-234] - Update JQuery to version 3.6.0
[NERO-237] - Redirect to Quickstart form /login if user is already logged in
[NERO-238] - Force reload of js/css for every new firmware release
[NERO-244] - Remove NodeRed HTTP option for improved security
[NERO-247] - Fix tab scrolling on web interface
[NERO-252] - Update OpenVPN version
[NERO-254] - Avoid mosquitto password generation when starting or stopping Data24
7-0-4 Improvements
[NERO-258] - Add HW5 compatibility
7-0-3 Bug
[NERO-245] - [Bug: MB-843] Increase Timeout for SIM communication (Drillisch)
7-0-2 Bug
[NERO-220] - [Verbesserung: MB-760] OpenVPN setting "Remote maintenance active at: Digital input X (High)" is hidden
[NERO-215] - [Verbesserung: MB-807] Portainer.io fix sporadic starting problems
7-0-0 Bug
[NERO-171] - [BUGS-321] - Sporadically failing online connection when plc is connected via USB
[NERO-197] - [MB-757] - Send iSMS triggered from inputs
[NERO-192] - OpenVPN Web-GUI changes regarding key switch
[NERO-193] - Send extra initialization commands to Modem from web-GUI
[NERO-196] - [MB-616] - Write syslog to SD Card fixed

[NERO_168] - [Feature] FIMA-161 - Automatically choose VPN Port between 1194,443,80 if configured
[NERO-177] - [BUGS-338] - Add timezone for Sakhalin (UTC+11)

[NERO-191] - Update Linux Kernel version of firmware to Version 5.4 LTS
[NERO-202] - Revision of the update process for future firmware versions
[NERO-205] - Update dnsmasq to version 2.83