Version Changes
2.2.8 Bugfix
[MINI-71] - DNS server entries were in wrong order
[MINI-72] - Old assigned DNS server from DHCP weren´t deleted
2.2.7 Bug
[MINI-68] - [Bug: MB-897] VPN connection problem after factory reset and configuration
[MINI-69] - [Bug: MB-899] Occasional connection loss of cellular connection which won´t reconnect
[MINI-54] - Implement new cellular Modem for EU
[MINI-55] - Implement new cellular Modem for AT&T NA
2.2.5 Bug
[MINI-67] - Occasionally no WiFi connection to iPhone hotspot and other various APs (No IP address via DHCP)
2.2.4 Bug
[MINI-63] - VPN reconnect failed at times when testping failed
[MINI-64] - NTP service didn´t start under certain circumstances

[MINI-65] - Debug logging optimized (LUA library messages removed)
[MINI-66] - Logging optimized by adding more information on DHCP process
2.2.3 Bugfix
[MINI-56] - Hard coded WiFi SSID was shown, if no connection was possible
[MINI-58] - WiFi Channel expanded to 1 - 13
[MINI-59] - The input settings of I/O 1 and 2 wasn´t displayed correctly in the Quickstart
[MINI-60] - No WiFi connection if AP set to WPA/WPA2 and Encryption = Automatic

[MINI-61] - More information on scanned WiFi APs