Version Changes
2.2.2 Optimization:
[MINI-53] [MINI-52] - Internal system adjustments for SC3 (simply-connect)
[MINI-49] - Internal system adjustments
[MINI-46] - mbCONNECT24 Serverlist update
[MINI-47] - DHCP DNS Servers is used before the DNS from settings. Priority change.
[MINI-43] - Update CI (Logo, Color)
[MINI-45] - Update WLAN application and Hardware compatibility

[MINI-50] - Quickstart Web-GUI: Wrong display of open Ports Ports 80,443,1194
[MINI-40] - Identical USB-Ident on the USB host connection together with the built-in modem

[MINI-48] - Integration of Simply-Connect
[MINI-44] - Status API without Login